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Latelier Cache



The idea of establishing an outerwear fashion brand offering cutting edge style for urban women was born while the founder and designer Nihan Topaloglu was studying Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Nihan turned the idea born in NY into an Istanbul based L'Atelier Caché brand in 2014.

L'Atelier Caché is a brand, which represents urban women who aspires to have a confident, powerful, elegant and fashionable look, while striving to adapt to fast changing city life. Every product of L'Atelier Caché offers an individual attitude to complement urban culture, yet one principal remains key for the entire production - high quality material and workmanship.  In order to ensure quality, all products are manufactured in-house.

Focusing on detail and creative combination of various materials, L'Atelier Caché aims to provide differentiated product mix with high quality. The main product line includes outerwear including jackets, coats, vests made of leather, fur and fabric; along with supplementary dresses, skirts and trousers.

L'Atelier Caché collections will not only offer you a fashionable look but also a statement of self-confidence and exclusiveness during your active, demanding and eventful urban life.




“I discovered art as the best way to fulfill my desire for self-expression at my early 20s and hence studied History of Art as an undergraduate degree. Following my studies, I realized that fashion is an art of form which can help me reach further self-realization through satisfying my aesthetic drive. Therefore, I welcomed a new challenge and studied Fashion Design in Istanbul and New York.

During my college years, I have attended many fashion shows and organizations. I have also won the first place in Tommy Hilfiger Design Competition with my modern caftan design, which enabled me to spend a summer as an intern at headquarters of Tommy Hilfiger.  My internship at their women’s outerwear department made me realize that I have a differentiated view and a competitive edge in this segment.

My education has not only provided me the knowledge required to follow my dreams but also gave the strength and self-confidence necessary to excel in a competitive, always changing industry. I started working as the head designer for one of the leading leather and fur brands in Turkey as soon as I moved back to Istanbul. My years there gave me the opportunity to navigate through different materials and mix them in harmony using different techniques. Gaining experience in different levels of production encouraged me to establish my own brand to reflect my aesthetic drive more flexibly. Hence, L’Atelier Cache was born in 2014.

I have always prioritized comfort and focused on details to differentiate my designs without compromising the quality. Under this principle,  I aspire to design everlasting pieces that are inspired by everyday life - the present rather than the past or the future. I aim to achieve quality and ease of use through having elegant and plain cuts, while enriching the look through sophisticated fabrics, and differentiated details. My philosophy can be summarized as to design clothes which will not be forgotten in your wardrobe but will carry you off your feet each and every time.”


At the end of 2017 L' Atelier Cache' appointed Antonio Marsocci as Board Advisory and Brand Director 


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